Bitcoin Thieves Up Their Game

March 08, 2019

I typically just stick to content related to web design and search engine optimization on this ...

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Attention: Important Notice , DOMAIN SERVICE NOTICE

January 10, 2019

If you have ever bought a domain name, you've probably received an email with that same ...

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Should I Approve Blog Comments from Other Businesses

January 04, 2019

Many blogs offer the option to leave a comment. There are multiple ways to leave them. ...

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Getting Spammed from Your Contact Form Recently?

December 12, 2018

Are you starting to get spammed through your website contact form again? You are not alone. ...

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Single Page Optimization

December 04, 2018

There is not point in having a very optimized page that is within a website which ...

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Having a Good Website is Still a Must

November 19, 2018

Many businesses are having great success using their social media to keep customers informed. A Facebook, ...

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Be Careful, Even the Unsubscribe Button May be a Phishing Trick

October 13, 2018

By now you probably have become pretty good at spotting a phishing or "spoof" email. The ...

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Mobile vs. Laptop Usage

September 21, 2018

In the business of designing and optimizing websites, it helps to know who your target audience ...

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Importance of Allowing Commenting and Linking on Your Blog

September 11, 2018

All too often these days I will read a nice blog post on someone's site and ...

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How Much Should I Spend on SEO?

July 24, 2018

First, let me clarify what SEO is for those who don't know. Search Engine Optimization is ...

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When I Share a Link on Facebook I Get No Preview Image

June 11, 2018

Facebook is a lot of things. It is probably the best pure social media platform there ...

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Test Your Contact Forms Often

June 09, 2018

This week I was looking for a new landscaping company to cut and trim my grass. ...

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