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How Long Will Keyword Research and SEO Remain Relevant?

When it comes to how long it is going to take before keywords are outdated, a lot of people think it is going to be sooner, rather than later. Technology moves so fast and with that, it means that there will be new, better ways to rank your website and get the views that are needed in order to bring in traffic. Keywords, currently, are a great way to boost traffic to your website while also being able to retain it.

Take a Look at What Keywords Do Now for Your Website

Taking a look at how keywords are used for a website currently is a good place to start. When you place the appropriate keywords throughout content, you are essentially pushing your website to the top of the list of search engines. Thus, providing those searching for the specific keywords the chance to click on your website and use the information you have given them. This is ranked on the best keyword usage, the flow of content and relevance to the search, as well as the competition out there. When you are at the top of these three things, you are at the top of searches everywhere. Continue reading

SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are always going to be mistakes when it comes to the SEO and marketing that needs to be done. However, how do you know which things are a mistake and which things you should stay away from indefinitely? If you can avoid these mistakes, you should feel much more confident about getting the most efficient SEO tactics out there.

You Don’t Know Your Target Keywords

When you are writing for your website, if you are unsure of the target keywords that you should have throughout the copy, then this can become a problem. Not only should you have these keywords throughout every page, but they should be mentioned throughout your blog posts, too. The placement of these keywords should be natural. Continue reading

Efficient and More Affordable SEO

With SEO as a need for website owners, knowing how to get the keywords and other factors in place, and keep them there, is a good thing. You have to ensure that you are using the best practices, tools and companies out there to boost your ratings. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should always find ways of keeping costs down without just hiring anyone, because affordable SEO is possible, but may be difficult to find.

Here are a handful of ways that you can help keep your SEO costs down, while keeping your SEO top notch. Continue reading

Website Speed Becoming More of an Issue in SEO

by Brad Taylor

Now that internet speeds and device speeds are very good , Google has put more focus on making sure that your site loads quickly. They have an internet speed test that allows you to test your website (both full site and responsive versions).

Of course, all efforts should be made to get the rating as high as possible so as to please Google but also the visitors to your website. Really, as long as your are above the 50 percentile you are doing OK. 60% or better is good. Not every website can be higher than 60% for several reasons, the most obvious being a site that runs lots of plugins or add-ons.  Websites with many large images on the homepage or main template will cause the site to slow down as well. Continue reading

Does Your Company Have to Focus on SEO?

Many companies are wondering whether or not they have to focus their marketing efforts on SEO tactics. While this might seem like a silly thing to do, it is actually something that can benefit companies as a whole. However, there can be some downfalls to using SEO, as well. So, the answer to whether or not the company should focus on SEO is yes and no. Both have a part to play in it.

Why Should Your Company Use SEO

There are many reasons that your company should use SEO. These go into detail further with the fact that you are able to get picked up by search engines when someone searches for a specific word in your content. You can get more views, more customers or clients, plus be seen easier around the web. By placing these keywords throughout your website content, you are essentially allowing customers to find you through an easy avenue when you make the top lines of a search engine and they click on your website after doing a search. Continue reading

Is SEO the Secret to Getting More Business?

SEO is a big name throughout the Internet marketing industry. This is something that nearly all companies should think about. Not only does this allow your company to be seen more, but it has gained ground fast through the benefits that it provides to all Internet users. When you are putting your website out there, but only using marketing tactics to get people to come in and view it, then you might not be utilizing all of the tools that you can to get visitors when coming to a website. Knowing whether or not SEO is the secret to your business gaining ground is something that you’d have to try for yourself, but learning more about it can be ideal. Continue reading

Almost Half of All Marketers Don’t Know What SEO is

Did you know… almost half of all marketers online do not know what SEO actually is? They might have heard the term, they might feel like they know what it means, when in fact they don’t. This is something to look out for when it comes to hiring a company that promises to get your name out there and market your website. SEO is important and if they are unfamiliar with it, then you will not want to use them for the marketing on your website.

Business and Personal Email Marketing

One of the biggest finds was that many businesses understand that sending business emails from their personal accounts is deemed as unprofessional. However, over half of them continue to send professional emails from these accounts. This is one of the biggest marketing email mistakes of the century, with close to 90% of these businesses stating that they know that it is a big mistake that they make, but don’t correct it. Continue reading

The New Hummingbird SEO Strategy from Google

birdHummingbird is the new search platform that Google has developed in September 2013 that has changed the way that Google picks up on keywords and other SEO throughout websites. It was named this because it is precise and very fast, much like a hummingbird. It is designed to focus on more of the meaning in the words, rather than just the words themselves. This provides users with a more focused search, rather than just finding random words throughout the text on websites.

How Does It Work?

Since Hummingbird is paying more attention to the backgrounds of each of the words throughout the content, it ensures that the query placed in the box is actually what results you’re going to get when you hit the Search button. The whole sentence or meaning is what is going to come up for you, rather than a bunch of random websites that might mention the word on them. This is all taken into account through this much smarter way of searching on the web. Continue reading

Google Has Had Algorithm Updates: What’s This Mean for Your Website?

Algorithm updates for Google are not a thing of the past and they’re also something that is not new to those that use SEO and other search engine techniques for their websites. Enjoy the benefits that come from being able to understand these updates and what they might mean for the life of your website and your search engine rankings.

A lot of websites and businesses that were once at the top of the ranking pages on Google have now fallen to the pages below. This has become a problem to them, since they are unsure of what their once highly ranked pages are now in the back of the search engine. Continue reading

SEO Mistakes That Google Does Not Like to See

Word cloud for Keyword stuffingGoogle is always in control of the websites that can and cannot be found throughout its search engine. This is something that a lot of people do not consider when they go to put their websites up on the searches. However, a lot of times they will leave you alone if you do nothing wrong. If you do something that makes them mad though, then they will make sure to remove you from their list of searchable websites, so you’re no longer able to be found.

Don’t Be a Link Buyer

Not only is this frowned upon, but it is now something that is illegal to do. When Google finds out you’ve done this and cheated, they will not hesitate to remove you from their search results and put you on the blacklist that they have – which you’re not going to be able to get off. Continue reading