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History of Pay Per Click Fraud

Back when I first started in this business in the very early 2000’s pay-per-click advertising was in its infancy. The sector was overrun with wanna be search engines, fly by night search engines and very few reputable search engines. Search engine optimization was not really an actual thing yet so paying per click was the most viable option. But you had to beware of where you spent your money.

Back then many search engines would claim they supplied search results for Google, MSN and Yahoo but there was no proof that they actually did. The big search companies like those I have just mentioned often times farmed out their paid clicks and split the revenue with the supplier. Continue reading

Inbound Linking Dos and Don’ts

linking to your site from a blog the right way(Before I even get started, if you are wondering about the grammatical correctness of the title, then this link is for you.)

Having links to your website is good for search ranking. The links are especially valuable when they are coming from sites with relevant content. The idea Google had when adding this to the algorithms all those years ago, is that whenever sites link to you it shows that there is something valuable on your site. It is looked at as a reference or source.

If you are a small business, it is hard to get sites to link to you in this way and some sites will even charge you for linking (even though Google discourages this).  One way to build inbound linking is to go to blogs of similar companies and leave a comment. This part can get a little tricky however. When you enter your name as “valued keyword” and link to your site, many blog managers will see that as a spam comment and delete you, even if you leave good relevant comments. Some will approve your comment and you are good to go. But, it is estimated that only 1 out of 5 of these comments gets approved. Continue reading

SSL Certificate is a Must for Your Site Immediately

With 90% of  all internet searches done using Google and 50-60% of all internet users using Google Chrome as their browser of choice, it is imperative to optimize your site to their specifications. Google is always tweaking and changing their search algorithms to better improve the user’s experience. Most recently, Google has made it clear they want all websites to have an SSL certificate.

This certificate is a virtual certification that is installed on the server by the host that shows that the site is secure. In reality, it is just one small piece of security that may add to the visitor’s web safety (or at least feeling of safety). A secure website has less chance of being hacked through contact forms and other scripts running on the site. Continue reading

Website Ranking and WordPress Plug-Ins

In the late two thousand teens the complexity of what actually composes a website has grown. Now, websites are made up of several key ingredients, all put together and served to the viewer. Google is aware of the way WordPress (or any other CMS for that matter) works and have changed their algorithms over time to adjust to them. The main factors that Google cares about when it comes to WordPress sites are site speed and site security.


If a website is loaded down with plug-ins and advertisements and takes over 5 seconds to fully load, you can bet that Google will punish it. Continue reading

Organic vs. Pay Per Click

If you have spent any time trying to promote your site then you know the meaning of these two words. But just in case you don’t here is a quick primer: Organic traffic is clicks that come from the regular search results in the main body of the page. Pay Per Click traffic is the traffic that comes from the “sponsored” section of the search results.

Fifteen years ago you could really get your bang for your buck with pay-per-click advertising. You could get clicks for as little as .10 -.25 cents. The main drawback to the method of getting traffic was that there was a large amount of click fraud perpetrated by the pay-per-click companies themselves as well as your competitors. Even the well-regarded Google was a part of this terrible practice and had to settle a $90 million lawsuitContinue reading

WordPress Settings SEO Advice

Search engines have to make sure that they run an easy to navigate portal that helps their users find what they are looking for with minimal clutter. For that reason they have limits on everything do with site descriptions.

Of course you want to be able to stuff as many of your keywords into a title or headline as possible. But you may be hurting your site rather than helping it. Google has a general rule of 60 characters for a page title. That sounds like plenty right? Well, it is not when you take into account that they also list your site/blog title next to every page title in the Google results. And that site title counts against your 60 characters. Continue reading

Local: Don’t Miss These Great Melbourne, FL Events

Brevard County FL events and activitiesWith events for all happening in and around Melbourne, FL, you can expect to find something that is suited more towards your needs and likes. When visiting the area, this list provides a little something extra for you to check out. Don’t forget to grab something out of the ordinary to eat!

Brevard County Farmer’s Market

If you want to shop for those fresh ingredients for all of your recipes, the Brevard County Farmer’s Market has them all and more. Held on every Thursday of the week from 3 to 6PM, you can expect to see a lot of farmer’s selling their finest ingredients to those that come out. Located at the Wickham Park, they’re excited to see you there! Continue reading

Evolution of Website Optimization Part 2

by Brad Taylor

linking hierarchy in seo articleThe second part of the evolution of website optimization continues. The purpose of this series of articles is to give a basic overview of the changes in universally accepted methods to optimize websites. Just like any industry there are changes and additions as the years go on and we like to keep our readers apprised the best we can.

Website Optimization as we know it only about 17-20 years old. Website optimization is (by definition) to make concerted efforts to improve or alter your site so that it displays higher in search engines with the hopes of driving more traffic. In the early 2000’s we hadn’t coined the term SEO yet, and if it were coined by then, many of us were not using it.

Continuing where I left off in the last article, the second relatively new SEO practice that has garnered success for those doing it is content linking within a page or article. Yes, it has always been a good thing to link to source pages or to an info page that is helping you convey your message, but now there is a definite formula that seems to work. Continue reading

Evolution of Website Optimization Part 1

by Brad Taylor

seo and website speedThe fundamentals of optimizing your website are always changing. As Google gets bigger and more powerful, they add to and tweak their algorithms. Although many of the desired attributes from ten or fifteen years ago are still applicable to your optimization efforts, many new items have been added.

The theme for the early 2000’s was CONTENT. Your site needed fresh unique content to be a contender. That still holds true. But several other factors have dominated the middle part of the 2010’s. Continue reading

How Long Will Keyword Research and SEO Remain Relevant?

When it comes to how long it is going to take before keywords are outdated, a lot of people think it is going to be sooner, rather than later. Technology moves so fast and with that, it means that there will be new, better ways to rank your website and get the views that are needed in order to bring in traffic. Keywords, currently, are a great way to boost traffic to your website while also being able to retain it.

Take a Look at What Keywords Do Now for Your Website

Taking a look at how keywords are used for a website currently is a good place to start. When you place the appropriate keywords throughout content, you are essentially pushing your website to the top of the list of search engines. Thus, providing those searching for the specific keywords the chance to click on your website and use the information you have given them. This is ranked on the best keyword usage, the flow of content and relevance to the search, as well as the competition out there. When you are at the top of these three things, you are at the top of searches everywhere. Continue reading