Increase Your WordPress Site Loading Speed Time

  • June 30, 2022
  • Bradley Taylor

Website loading speed is a major factor in getting your website ranked well on search engines, especially Google. In fact, Google has been stressing how important website speed is for five years now. Yet, two out of three websites are slower than the recommended minimum loading time.

There are other reasons to improve your website’s loading time besides just satisfying the “Google Gods”:

  1. Pages that take over 3 seconds to load have 4x the bounce rate of pages that load in 2 seconds or less. (source: Pingdom).
  2. A one-second delay in loading times can reduce conversion rates by 20%. (source: Google).

Websites today are built using Content Management Systems (CMS’s). These systems allow users to log-in and update the website with ease. They allow web designers and developers to make universal changes to the site just as easily. But the more dynamic a website is, the slower it is. The key is balancing your bells-and-whistles with load time.

One way to accomplish faster loading time is by adding a plug-in to your WordPress website which can speed loading time by:

  1. Optimizing CSS
  2. Minimizing Effect Javascript has on loading time
  3. Optimizing image file size

There are a bunch of plug-ins which accomplish these tasks. For years you would need  to run three or four plug-ins to do this. The good news is that Jetpack has released their Boost plug-in which accomplishes all of these things. And its free.

Jetpack is one of the more reliable and trusted plug-ins for a very long time now. And though they do offer paid services within their plug-in, the essential services are no cost.

Jetpack Boost graph chart
You can see the before and after marking in the chart. Click to enlarge.







The Boost plug-in even has a before-and-after website loading-time graph that lets you track your improvements. We have tested this plug-in against all others on the market, many of which we have used ourselves, and it is equally as efficient. The benefit to using this plug-in is that it accomplishes all of those tasks with only one plug-in.


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