5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s UX Design To Increase Sales

  • October 05, 2022
  • Bradley Taylor

The field of UX design has exploded amid the boom in online commerce, with businesses looking for ways to standout online. As the website has become the modern storefront, it is essential that the business look good online to create a strong first impression and allow customers to accomplish the goals they came to your site to get done. With this in mind, keep reading to discover 5 of the most impactful UX design tips that can help you boost online sales. 

1. Provide Variegated Customer Support

In the DIY era, customers are really good at figuring things out on their own. As a result, it is very important to have a robust blog, vlog, and customer review section on your website so that customers can quickly peruse articles and how-to videos to get answers to their questions.

Provide Customer Support
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However, while this type of hands-off approach is both cost-effective for the business and convenient for DIYers, it will not suffice for all types of users. There are some customers who just do not trust their ability to answer their own questions, and others who simply enjoy the back-and-forth interaction with the business.

Because of this, it is critical to also make traditional customer service outlets more readily available. The most innovative option for businesses is chatbots, which can help guide customers through the shopping process by providing links to specific pages and questions to FAQs. However, to avoid customers getting frustrated with chatbots that don’t quite answer their question, it is important to give customers the option for live chat with business reps and follow up with telephone or email support, as necessary.

2. Include Top Notch Dealer Locator Software

As businesses continue to transition to hybrid and ecommerce, some companies are still not 100% equipped with the ability to fill all orders strictly through delivery. As such, it is important that your website include robust store locator software to quickly route customers to the nearest vendor or purchase location. Some features of quality locator software include:

  • GPS routing that provides real-time store location data based on the customer’s search point
  • A wide selection of both interior and streetside photos so that customers can easily identify the store location upon arrival
  • Up-to-date inventory information so that the customer can see if the location has the necessary quantities prior to making the trip

It is also critical that locator software be mobile friendly. As a large percentage of mobile searches result in a purchase within 24 hours, giving customers where to buy information while on the go is vital in finalizing a sale.

3. Guarantee the Loading Speed of All Pages

Customer attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter as their lives become increasingly digitized. As a result, nothing will increase your bounce rate quite like slow-loading pages. Some ways to improve the loading speed of your pages include:

  • Compressing and optimizing your images
  • Choosing a performance-optimized hosting solution
  • Caching your web pages to store copies of your site’s files

Studies show that sites that take 3 seconds or more to load have 4X the bounce rate of sites that load in 2 seconds or less, so optimizing loading speed is one of the best ways to ensure that customers stick on your page. 

4. Ensure a Seamless Checkout Experience

Abandoned shopping carts are an epidemic in the ecommerce community. Thanks to cumbersome checkout processes that are difficult to navigate, many online shoppers who are used to the “swipe to order” landscape easily get frustrated and never complete their purchase. Some ideas for improving the checkout experience on your site include:

  • Allowing guest checkout – while creating an account will ultimately be beneficial for everyone, customers drowning in a sea of usernames and passwords balk at the idea of creating an account for a $10 purchase. Therefore, have an infrastructure set up for guest checkout and trust that your superior product offering will ultimately lead to account creation
  • Automatically apply coupon codes – many shoppers are directed to your site because they saw a coupon online or were linked to your page via an affiliate promising a discount. If this discount is difficult to obtain, they will get frustrated and leave, so make sure any current promotions are automatically applied to carts
  • Simplify – create as few distractions for customers as possible. Give them a place to enter their payment info and hit “submit.” While cross-selling and upselling are great ideas overall, remember that anything that causes the customer to leave the cart creates the risk of seeing them never return, so try performing them after the initial sale is complete

There is some $18 billion in revenue left in abandoned shopping carts each year, so any improvement in this area will be highly lucrative for your business. 

5. Make Product Pages Easy to Navigate

Although you definitely want to inform, educate, and network, arguably the primary reason that your website exists is to complete online sales. Therefore, it is crucial that your product pages are better for customers than if they were looking at your offerings on the store shelf.

Provide a multitude of high quality photos and robust product descriptions. Make sure that the search bar is easily identifiable on your page and customers can intuitively filter their searches as necessary. Guarantee that products fit on the screen for mobile shoppers to limit the amount of scrolling they have to do. 

Boost Sales with These 5 UX Design Tips

Guaranteeing a strong UX is arguably the most critical aspect of business success in the ecommerce era. To help improve your business’ UX and boost sales online, be sure to provide diverse customer service outlets, include elite store locator software, optimize the loading speed of pages, ensure a seamless checkout experience, and make product pages aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.


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