Why We Recommend Everyone Get a VPN

  • October 04, 2022
  • Bradley Taylor

VPN what is it good for?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essentially a direct link from your computer to an internet access point. Most people access the internet from their home modem which connect directly to the internet through their local ISP (Internet Service Provider). This is fine and dandy most of the time but for those who require a bit more privacy, VPN’s are the answer.


Any webmaster can see IP addresses that access their website. And with very little effort can find out where that IP address is located. A VPN essentially allows you to appear to be located anywhere in the world. It does this by connecting you to the internet at one of its predetermined access points. See the featured image in this post for an example of listed access points.


If your IP address is a mystery to a would-be hacker then you have just removed piece of information they could later use to try to scam you. A good sleuth can pair names with IP addresses and start to build a profile, one which they will try to scam you with later. They could try to steal your identity, hack into your machine, or order items in your name.

Accessing Area-Restricted Web Content

One of the more popular ways in which people use their VPN is to get around area black-outs. This can go for blacked-out sporting events or services not available in your area like online casino.

Which VPN to Use

The VPN that we use and recommend is called NordVPN. They allow a seven day test period. They are up-front about pricing and send you multiple emails before your trial period converts into a purchase. We really like that about them. Their app us easy to use. You may even be able to get rid of your other firewall service as they offer this for free with the VPN service. It’s an option. If you use the link above then we both get a free month. It doesn’t save us a lot of money but hey, 12 bucks is 12 bucks. The service retails for about $99 per year.



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