Why Do I Keep Getting Emails from Renewal by Andersen?

  • October 26, 2021
  • Bradley Taylor

After receiving a ton of spam from this company I decided to track down the answer to this very question. If you are finding this article after Googling it, then you probably have been getting spammed by Renewal by Andersen as well. But after some investigating it turns out that Renewal by Andersen isn’t actually the one spamming you.

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The emails are being sent from various locations overseas and they all are nefarious in nature. Do not click on any link or image in the email or you may unwittingly download a virus.

Why Renewal by Andersen?

We are not sure why this company was chosen as the sort of go-to mask for these spammers/scammers. They either really have it out for them or they think that this company, for some reason, gives them the best chance of getting the would-be victim to click.

The real Renewal by Andersen is a home renovation company with showrooms all over the United States and some in Canada. They are headquartered in Minnesota and run a legitimate business.

Below you can see Renewal by Anderson replying to someone asking them about the spamming:

Its often hard to get to the bottom of who is scamming/spamming especially when it is being done from overseas but if I were RBA I would probably invest some money into hiring attorneys to pursue and prosecute the perps. Many people all over the country actually think they are getting spammed by the real RBA but they are not. The amount of business RBA may actually be losing would probably easily dwarf any private detective or legal fees incurred by searching for the spammers. If pressed hard enough, law enforcement in most countries will prosecute scammers.

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9 Replies to “Why Do I Keep Getting Emails from Renewal by Andersen?”

  1. Seems they use third party affiliates as a shield for their illegal marketing. While they should be responsible for the actions of their affiliates, they turn a blind eye.

    It’s shame someone doesn’t go after them properly,

    1. I don’t think this is the case. These are generally phishing emails. I don’t want to click one to find out but everything we have read say they are phishing email sent by spammers overseas, NOT Renewal by Anderson.

  2. Then why doesn’t Andersen seem to make any effort to stop this since it’s messing their, now not very good, name?

    Shame on Andersen for doing nothing!

    1. That is a very good point. I don’t see much in the way of combating this spam wave. But, at the same time it is coming from countries where they either don’t care if you spam Americans, or actively encourage it. They could be more vocal about it online however.

  3. RBA has to be profiting from it. All these companies say they arent spamming. But why would a spammer use their company name? My whole house cost $13,000 why do I have to keep getting these spams? My windows are excellent I have no use for what theyre selling.

    1. Hi there, my honest guess is that the scam goes like this: The email actually intrigues a small amount of people who may need windows to click. They become victim of virus download. The idea behind any scam email is to trick someone into doing something. In this case, getting a person to begin a download onto their machine by clicking the fake ad would be the scam.

  4. I find this article very hard to believe and I do believe it is renewable by Anderson doing this and a subsidiaries for the simple fact if it wasn’t Renewal by Anderson flooding my email box then why is my hard copy mailbox being flooded as well this is definitely a concerted event by Anderson and don’t take it any other way they may be trying to duck it the simple fact that I’m getting as much hard copy mail as I am email says it is Renewal by Anderson that’s common sense if it was just one and not the other I might believe it but that is not the case by any means and I highly doubt any oversees spammer is going to be mailing me hard copy mail

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