Website Tweaks to Help Improve Traffic

  • August 19, 2022
  • Bradley Taylor

How to gain more traffic

The purpose of a website can vary depending on the company which owns it. There are companies which use their site strictly as a “business card”. In this capacity they don’t rely on the traffic from the website for business but instead refer existing customers, or customers they secured using other means, to their site to learn more about their product or company.

Most websites, however, use their website to generate sales. Whether it be the sole source of their sales or just a component, their website is important to their bottom line. Of course having good traffic to your site is important if you are trying to drive sales from it.

In this article we list some helpful hints on how to increase traffic to your business website.

#1 – Make Sure Your Content Reflects Search Terms

If you don’t have text in the main body of your site (and back end) which reflects exactly the search terms people will most likely be searching, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Put yourself in the shoes of a search engine user. Which words would you use if you were a novice and wanted to find more information on your product or service? Make sure to use these terms at least several times in your website text on each page.

#2 – Content Gaps

When writing blogs or backpages to your site make sure to include articles that are about topics which may not be the main topic, but are related to your product. Often times customers will find a site using a “side door”. This means they searched for a topic relating to your product or service but not your product or service directly. Once they are on your page they may then decide that your product or service is right for them

#3 Update Old Pages

Sometimes a page on your site  may  contain outdated information or links. A website should be looked at as a “living document“. Old pages can be updated to reflect newer information. You can include links to pages that include the newer information as well. This shows the search engine that you are truly trying to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on your product or service. Don’t be afraid to use redirects to point an old page to a brand new one.

#4 Sharing Content/Stats Only You are Privy To

People love inside information. If you work in a specialized industry, you may be privy to information which simply isn’t being published by your competitors. What is the typical profit margin for XYZ? What % of customers prefer a red XYZ vs the Green XYZ? Inside information is gold. And as a result, everyone searching for that information will end up at your site. And everyone who ends up at your site is a potential customer.

We hope these tips have been useful. We will continue this series this year and provide more tips as we go along.


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