Tricks Don’t Work

  • October 03, 2011
  • Bradley Taylor

When vying to get your website noticed you will most definitely stumble across some sites that guarantee you that they will get you first page Google for $199 a month. Let me tell you what will happen. A few months will go by and you will be out $500+ before you realize you have been scammed. There are only two ways that money will buy you top listing.

1) You pay for “pay-per-click” listing with Google and you basically pay money every time someone clicks your link. (Can get very expensive very fast with few results btw).

2) You spend the time or pay someone to spend the time to create a site loaded with unique and fresh content that will pay off in the medium to long run. (This option takes hard work and patience).

There are no secret tricks to SEO. You need time/money, patience, diligence, Internet ethics.


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