The Process of Designing a New Website for a Customer

  • June 02, 2022
  • Bradley Taylor

The process of new website design in steps

There is an order of things when it comes to designing a new website for a client. After years of experience we have boiled down the very best and most efficient way to design a website for a new or existing customer.

In this article I want to go over the seven steps of web design and what you can expect if you are journeying down this road with us.

  1. Price Quote
    Based on your input we will produce a quote for your new website design. This will include how many pages it is estimated to be and what special features or functions it may need.
  2. Accept Estimate
    Once you have received your estimate and are ready to move forward, you can confirm this with us. We will then convert the estimate into an invoice.
  3. Hosting and Domain Name
    If you have not already secured these things, it is at this point we suggest you do so.
  4. Design Concepts
    We will create design layout mock-ups based on all of your feedback. From here we can go back and forth about changes which need to be made. Once the design looks like something you had in mind, we move forward to the next step.
  5. Building Out a Test Site
    If we are replacing an existing site then we will build this site on the server and not move it under your domain name yet. This way you can test the new site, see it live but still have your existing site up and running.
  6. Make Live
    After everything is working and you like the design and content we can flip the switch, so to speak. We will make the website live.
  7. Fine Tuning and Changes
    The first few weeks after a site goes live there are usually small changes or fixes that need to be made. This is normal.

That’s it! You can have a new website from design concept to a live site within weeks. It all depends on how much back and forth there is.

Your new website is ready to take on visitors and help you generate sales or leads.

Your new website will be optimized from the start. If you choose to have us continue to optimize it and add content we can do that for you as well. Our pricing is here.

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