The Best New Google Chrome Apps For Small Businesses

  • February 19, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

google-driveSeeking for some new applications for your business? A mind blowing range of Google Chrome applications are available, which will truly re-define your business. With these innovative applications, you can advertise your  business across different platforms, namely Smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. So, let’s take a look at these amazing apps.

The Tweetdeck for Chrome is actually an application for social media management and actually allows marketers to engage in real time Twitter conversations. The application comes with an integrated twitter timeline providing a host of standard and alternative options and can also be used as a Twitter command center.

The Hootsuite is another application that has been extremely popular among users and is used by close to 290,000 users in all over the world.  The application is also rated 4 out of a maximum five by more than 600 reviewers and is one of the most popular application available for free at the Chrome store. Unlike the Tweetdeck, the Hootsuite is not particularly focused to a social networking platform like Twitter and is also a bit more complicated to use. It has more analytics features and allows online marketers to manage their campaigns better across different social media networks. This particular add on for Google Chrome also includes an extension that allows automatic web content capture. One can easily publish across different social networking platform using this particular application and can also schedule his posts for future publishes.

As Customer Relationship Management or CRM application Zoho CRM is used by close to 38,000 users and has also a rating of four out of a maximum possible 5. Just like the two previously mentioned apps zoho is also available for free for a maximum number of three users and is the most CRM application for the Chrome web browser. The application has a number of user friendly features like lead management maintain contacts and accounts and generating sales opportunities along with reports and social customer relation management.

The Wave Accounting for Chrome is another great application for finance and accounting and is used by more than one million users. Expense tracking and generating double entry account reports are the two most important features of this particular application and one can also create balance sheets ledgers with graphic snapshots using this application. It is also possible to synchronize more than one online bank account with the Wave Accounting interface and available for free this particular chrome application can really be considered as a great advantage for small scale online businesses.

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