SEO Benefit By Manually Submitting To Article Directories

  • March 11, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

Hand Drawing Content Flow ChartMost online businesses and website owners are aware of the article directories but unfortunately many of them are still not fully aware of the benefits that they can enjoy by the regular submission to these directories. In the simplest of terms an article directory is a place where one can submit their articles and get them published and this can be an extremely efficient SEO technique to generate quality backlinks that are identified by the search engines and are used to determine the ranking of a particular site in the search engine result pages.

Though software for automatic article submission to these directories are used by many SEO service providers, yet manual submission is always considered the best. It is not always possible for the website owners to write and submit articles by themselves and that is the reason they depend on professional service providers for this purpose. Most SEO firms have teams of specialist writers who regularly write articles on behalf of their clients and also submit them to different article directories to redirect traffic to their website from all directions.

But for maximum SEO benefit by submitting articles to different directories it is important to make sure that all published articles are uniquely written and also conforms to a standard of quality that can actually grab the attention of the readers. Crap articles and articles without relevant contents are practically of no use and can hardly produce the desired effect. There is another major benefit of publishing superior quality unique articles to different directories and that is, well written articles are often taken off from the directories by the search engines and used in public syndicate websites and this can truly help a particular brand or company to extend their reach and improve on their online visibility.

Every time your article is re-published by another site you gain a valuable backlink for your business website or portal that ultimately contribute to improve its search engine rankings. This can really add to the SEO value of your site. A variety of traffic analysis software is also currently available and are often used by webmasters to determine the source of traffic so that they know publishing articles to which particular directory can actually be the most beneficial. Articles with optimum keyword density and most relevant content to the title are expected to be the most effective and are naturally used by many websites and SEO organizations for improving their Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) rankings.

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