SEO and Google

  • January 01, 2014
  • Bradley Taylor

googleIncredibly, it is estimated that Google uses over one hundred different determining factors and specific algorithms when is comes to ranking a particular website.  While many individual rating elements are unknown, there are a wide range of ranking factors that remain constant.  Whether it’s a URL keyword, backlinks contained on your sire or a keyword within the domain name, Google has certain algorithm programs in place to make sure that every website on the internet is properly ranked.

One of the biggest factors in terms of SEO and Google ranks is the URL keyword.  In order to have a highly ranked website, the web address or URL, must contain the websites’ specific keyword.  This provides the greatest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website; thus, establishing a higher site ranking with Google.  A helpful strategy when it comes to SEO and website ranking is to place the targeted keyword in the first position within the sites’ web address.  

Another component that Google takes into consideration when evaluating SEO is the age of your website.  Google believes that the older a website is, the more reliable it is.  This is because there are thousands of websites that are developed daily, but not all of them are created with good intentions.  In addition, a large majority of newly published websites fail to produce immediate results.  This causes new website owners to give up quickly on their site and allow it to bog down internet search engines.

When it comes to Google and its relation to SEO, a big contributing element is the amount of quality backlinks that are contained on your website.  While listing a backlink on your website will prove to give you a higher website ranking, it’s important to remember that not all backlinks carry the same weight in regards to search engine rankings.  For example, if you have a backlink on your site that is somewhat generic and not relative, Google will typically not give it a high ranking.  On the other hand, by having a backlink that connects to a credible, expert website, Google will give you a much higher rating.

Similar to URL keyword optimization, Google also takes into account keywords that are contained within a websites’ title tag.  By entering a specific keyword near the front of the title tag on the website, you will be ensured to have a higher search engine ranking.  If a keyword is listed at the end of the title tag, it will be harder for Google to justify a higher rating for your website as it becomes more difficult to locate the site domain.  In order to obtain maximum SEO, the title should be no more than 60 characters long.

Even though Google uses a large assortment of determining factors to rank different websites, the entire process is much easier than you might think.  As long as your website contains original content with relevant backlinks while also practicing keyword optimization, your site is ensured to be ranked highly among the different search engines.

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