Optimize Facebook Page for Brilliant Search Engine Rankings

  • February 10, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

like message on keyboard button, social media conceptsFor many online business ventures their Facebook pages are increasingly turning into their second homepage and this is certainly due to the fact that it is currently the most used social platforms and can provide and organization with the much needed online prominence. But for effective marketing through Facebook the first thing that marketers are required to understand is the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. For any Facebook profile the maximum number of friends is limited to 5000 but there is no such limit for a fan page and that makes them all the more important.

For maximum efficiency a Facebook page requires experienced marketing professionals for its development and can be extremely advantageous for any business by providing great exposure to its products and services. The Newsfeed, the messages and the invitations – the viral channels on Facebook do play a central role in spreading the content for reaching the fans and the potential customers as the pages are available to the entire Facebook user base and can be truly profitable for any business.

Finding the best name for your Facebook page is always the first thing that you are required to be careful and avoiding high value keywords of a generic type is always a better proposition. Finding a name that doesn’t appear as spam is also important to make the user like and share your page. You must always try not to change your page title because pages are dinged by the search engines with title changes and modifying Facebook page titles can ultimately cost you some vital SEO points.

One of the most important SEO techniques available for Facebook page owners is their ability to have a vanity URL for their pages you can always incorporate generic keywords for a better ranking in the search engine results. But your page must have a minimum of 100 fans to be considered eligible for a username and only after reaching that number you can take advantage of this.

The ‘Info’ tab that is available for every Facebook page can contain important metadata to any page and are capable of increasing the content score of the page for better search engine rankings. For modern SEO content is the undisputed king and the ‘Static FBML’ boxes offered by Facebook allows page designers to put in a wide variety of static contents for improved content density and reach a lot more people with great search engine rankings.

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