On Page Optimizations That You Should Avoid

  • February 26, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

web-pagesIn the world of search engine optimization knowing what not do is sometimes more important than knowing things that you can do. This is because of the fact optimization techniques that are not approved by Google can hardly do any good to your website and will actually have a negative impact on its ranking in the search engine result pages. For optimal results understanding on page SEO techniques that you must avoid is critical, as black hat on page SEO techniques can blacklist a website.

On page search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the actual website. The Google approved on page SEO techniques include relevant, informative, and unique content with optimum keyword density, metadata, URL structure and internal linking. Deploy these approved procedures for ranking better on the search engines, while avoiding a ban by Google.

Hiding selling links should be strictly avoided during on page optimization of your website. Creating irrelevant links or links that are embedded and invisible to the users is a technique practiced by many webmasters who use it to avoid being detected by the search engine spider, which again is not approved by Google. Your website can actually be penalized with negative ranking points.

Doorways pages often used by websites to create low quality pages with high rankings for different keywords and are actually of no use for the visitors. Thus, you must steer clear of such wrong methods of popularizing your website. The aim of these pages is to funnel traffic to another converting page. In simpler terms, in spite of their poor quality these pages rank well in search engine results only due to keywords.

Using keywords invisible to the users, but not to the search spiders is another black hat technique used by websites that can result in obtaining a good rank. But, once it is identified by Google and that is always going to be sooner or later the site will be penalized with negative ranking points or can even be blacklisted.

With its latest algorithm updates Google has made it clear that websites with invisible selling links and poor and copied content are going to lose their search engine rankings. Only Websites with unique and informative content and high quality backlinks will  appear in the search engine results.

So where do you stand? Analyze your website and its content and get immediate assistance from a  reliable optimization firm for an enhanced ROI.

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