New Updates Integrate Bing Deeper With Facebook

  • January 31, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

bing-fbLast week Microsoft introduced a new update for Bing further deepening its integration with FaceBook. It is as another attempt from the company to tap into more social media users to its search engine. This latest update from Microsoft will allow Bing users to access Facebook using a sidebar integrated with the search page. Additionally, this sidebar will comment and share, a certainly important addition to Bing’s pre-existing social search result that displays FaceBook profiles with photographs.

In a recently published blog post, the Bing Team has said that with this new update will make one’s friends’ updates more searchable using the sidebar and status updates, posted photos, comments, shared links everything will be included in it. According to them when friends are not around Bing is going to be the perfect alternative and will let the users know what their friends have shared related to their search.

Finding people related to search results is the major advantage that this particular update is going to provide Bing users and they can really find some important information from the posts of his social networking friends are also from expert opinion from other social networking platforms like Twitter or Google+.

Another major improvement comes with this particular update and that is with its improved design now there is no need to hover the mouse pointer on some friend or expert for additional information but now the users can see the content marked as social results and there is a “+ See All” button for seeing additional results.

Moreover, as the search results are now left aligned now there is less blank space in the search engine result pages and the user is now in control of his search experience. But though Facebook data are now available in Bing search results but in no way the privacy of any Facebook profile is breached because nothing is automatically shared.

Only posts that are permitted to show in search results will only appear and that means one can share only the things that he will like to share. In its series of efforts for more popularity Microsoft has already provided Bing with a three column look since last year and this inclusion of personalized search results using content from social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn is really expected to add to their popularity.

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