Netflix is Bi-Polar

  • October 10, 2011
  • Bradley Taylor

If you haven’t paid attention to the Netflix debacle lately, here is a summary.:First they raised their prices by as much as 40%.  Then after a public outcry they said it was so they could separate the streaming feature from the DVD by mail feature.  They were going to split that service off into a new company called “Quickster”.  That service would have it’s own website as well as billing system, even though it is the same company. Confused yet? Yeah me too.

So Today Netflix relented and announced they are not splitting and they are not going to make you go to two different websites to accomplish what was done before with one.

In a related story struggling company Blockbuster spent millions of dollars in national advertising campaigns for their online DVD by mail and streaming service this past week. This was obviously an attempt to pick up some of the estranged Netflix clientel. I personally think it was a good move and only time will tell if it paid off.



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