Local, Melbourne Florida: Co-Workers Rock Climb to Build Team Comradery

  • June 24, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

auto-belay-areaManagers are tasked with the difficult responsibility of building a cohesive unified workforce. It is not an easy job. Conflicting personalities amongst co-workers lead all too quickly to a negative untrusting work environment. But teamwork is essential in the corporate office environment. It is proven that strong teamwork leads to greater productivity. It is for this main reason, managers are investing time and resources into team build events for their employees.

The On the Edge indoor rock climbing facility out of Melbourne, FL is the perfect spot to grow employee team building skills. Climbing is a great natural team building activity. When climbing, people need spotters and someone there to gradually ease them back down to the solid ground. It requires a lot of back and forth communication and a high level of trust. After all letting go of the wall at over 15 ft off the ground takes courage. With over 10,000 square feet of climbing surface, the On the Edge facility definitely gives co-workers plenty of room to explore, learn and ultimately just have clean fun.

Managers can learn from this corporate team building event too. Climbing is not just physical. It requires mental problem solving. They can see how each member of their staff responds to physical challenges. By stepping back and observing their staff, managers can take note and implement new work strategies into their daily office environment.

On the Edge provides all participants with necessary equipment to climb. There are showers and locker rooms onsite along with free parking. Managers interested in booking a corporate team building activity can call On the Edge at 321-724-9775 to obtain a proposal.

The On the Edge facility offers employees a fun company outing to burn off some stress and build better relationships. It is a place where adults get to be kids again and just simply play.

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