Local and National Search Engine Optimization – Compared and Contrasted

  • November 19, 2012
  • Bradley Taylor

search engine optimizationWith the exponential growth of the internet, maintaining a top position in search engine ranking with Search Engine Optimization is getting exceedingly difficult and challenging. For any small business competing on a national level with the big names in the field is a tough battle and one can never really expect a first page position unless they have oodles of time or a good sized budget. Local SEO can truly be the answer to this no win situation as by being localized it is easier to build up a brand value at the local level before stepping up into the bigger arena.

Ranking nationally always helps a brand with its keyword spanning as it is only required to focus upon product, service and price while for local SEO along with the other three factors location is another area to focus upon. Apart from this keyword advantage there is hardly anything else and with stiffer competition for the keywords and less organic page building national ranking can be a lot harder than actually thought. A lot more effort is also required for the development of quality backlinks and stronger backlinks will also be required to bring any kind of improvement in the search engine results.

Compared to National SEO there is less competition for the same amount of space in local SEO. Searching for online services depending upon a local area is a lot more convenient than finding them on a national level. One can always find some business directories operating on a local level and getting enlisted in those business directories can very well be the all important first exposure for any small online business venture.

With well planed local search engine optimization it is also possible for a local business to achieve national reach. Maintaining a prominent position in as many local community sites as possible is a great way of improving a local footprint. Location based social network sites are slowly gaining in popularity and can be helpful for generating quality backlinks for they play an equally important role both in local and national SEO.

It is never only the small scale local businesses that require local SEO but brands with national ranking require local SEO too. Many of the websites with national exposure also keeps a microsite consisted of a single page optimized for the purpose of local SEO and that redirects the users to the original websites of the brands. By proper use of local Search Engine Optimization tools it is possible for business to create a brand value and slowly come into prominence on the national level.

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