Latest Introductions From Mozilla Make It A Better Browser

  • March 05, 2013
  • Bradley Taylor

firefoxAs a recent and very important development Mozilla has recently released Firefox 19 desktop version along with a new version for android handheld devices too and both of them are coming with latest bug fixes and improved standard for supporting the web. The new desktop version of Firefox 19 is now integrated with a PDF viewer that will allow the users to view PDF files in a new tab within the browser within the requirement of a separate application for launching those particular online documents.  According to the world of web tech news this PDF viewer adds on is actually a part of the PDF. js project from Mozilla that was triggered to debug the available plug-ins and add-ons and provide more browser security to the users.

This integration of a native PDF viewer within the original browsing environment is actually in line with Mozilla’s slow, but a continuous shift away from third party developed plug-ins and add-ons and clearly highlights its intention of adopting the ‘click to play’ for its browsing environment. One other news is being circulated in the world of web tech news and that is Mozilla developers are also introducing the HTML 5 Application Programming Interface that will also allow the new PDF viewer to run without any kind of hindrance on a number of different platforms that certainly includes its intention of getting more control on mobile internet browsing industry.

Though this latest PDF viewer is not yet included in the PDF update for still now the basic intention of Mozilla is to make its browsing platform available for more and more mobile and handheld devices. According to a latest released web tech news with the introduction of Firefox mobile browsers that are capable of working with the ARMv6 series of processors have actually had actually expanded its potential market to more than 15 million Smartphones and other devices like tabs. This latest android browsing environment development has also been provided with themes that will allow the users to personalize and customize their mobile browsing atmosphere by a considerable degree and will of course provide them with a better browsing environment.

With these latest developments and introductions Mozilla is certainly going to boost up its position as the leading browsing environment for almost all types of devices and is quite sure to make Opera or other popular browsers like Google Chrome to face a stiff competition in near future.

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