Know Your Competitors for Better Search Engine Optimization

  • November 30, 2012
  • Bradley Taylor

search blocks graphicFor most web masters and search engine optimizers not achieving the desired level of success in spite of the best attempts is a pretty familiar feeling and in those situations it is important to understand quickly that there must be something that is going wrong with your Search Engine Optimization each and every time. Along with monitoring your own online performance monitoring the performance of your competitors is equally important and finding out what exactly others are doing to achieve a search ranking better than you can help you to identify your mistake or find out that you were not doing at all.

Identifying your competitors is invariably the first step of analyzing them. Searching online with your keywords can help you to find out the presence of others in your particular niche and use all the different types of keywords used in your site including the long tail keywords to shortlist them.

Regular visit to the sites of your major competitors on a regular basis can also be pretty helpful for analyzing them as it will allow you to identify any particular long term strategy that they are following. Check out the quality of the content, use of static and dynamic links, design architecture etc. and these can provide you with a lot of information about them and mould yourself according to the need of the situation for better results.

Proper analysis of the keywords used by your competitors is an important part of analyzing them for keyword use always plays a determining role in SEO success. Along with the particular keywords used by them keyword density in the content is equally important and also look at the different places like the headings, the subheadings, the URLs and the meta tags where they have been used for the better search engine rankings.

Along with the keywords the number of quality backlinks also plays a role in determining search engine ranking. Have a proper knowledge about the presence and popularity of your competitors in different social media platforms to build up a social media Search Engine Optimization strategy for your own can prove to be pretty effective. Social networking sites have came up as great promotional platforms and effective use of these platforms can improve online performance of any website by a considerable degree.

Proper analysis of your competitors for creating an effective SEO strategy to improve your position in search pages is an integral part of the total optimization process because without knowing your competitors you can never hope for a success against them.

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