Is Fiverr Really Just Five Bucks per Project?

  • December 29, 2021
  • Bradley Taylor

Is Fiverr really just five bucks?

The simple answer is a definite NO. The site started in 2010 with the premise that people would be wiling to perform a digital service for you for just five bucks. If you really liked the work that was done you could tip the creator a few bucks and you may be out 7 or 8 bucks max.

The site has since become your standard “gig” website meaning that you will basically pay much more than five bucks for a quality job.

There is usually still a five dollar option. The creators will usually offer something very small (and basically worthless) for five bucks.

Recently, a person wrote to us that they wanted a simple logo done at Fiverr. They chose the five dollar option and all they got was a basic stock image with their company name text slapped overtop. No graphics, no nothing. “It was something you could put together in Microsoft Paint” they said. When the person contacted the creator they were told a premium logo would be $100.

Look, I get it. I wouldn’t waste an hour of my time for bucks either. But the spirit of Fiverr was really to help get creators’ feet wet by allowing them to offer products which may end up being “hit or miss”. But that customer wouldn’t lose a significant amount of money and the creator would get some reps under his/her belt. The creator would then move on from Fiverr after they had honed their craft and decided it was worth more than fiverr or ten bucks.

The site has definitely morphed into something it was not intended to be. They could change the name to “tenner” or “20 spot” but the Fiverr brand name is already a well recognized ip.

Need a professional logo with a quality guarantee? Contact us now with your details. We will revise it as many times as it takes to get it right. Remember, you get what you pay for. That is a truism which almost always holds up.

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