Identify Unethical SEO and Maintain Your Distance

  • December 19, 2012
  • Bradley Taylor

ethical-seoEffective SEO requires the understanding of a basic and simple fact and that is with search engine optimization it is only possible to influence the outcome but it can never control the result. Therefore the most any optimizer can do is to optimize any website depending upon the preferences and work system of the search engines and then wait for the results. That is why any search engine optimization service is better termed as a ‘best attempt service’ and desired result in the first attempt is not always guaranteed.

Though the world is getting extremely fast every alternate day but there are still a few things that take time and achieving front page ranking in search engine results is simply not possible overnight. It is quite unfortunate that many webmasters as well as clients still look for instant result and often over-optimize the content violating the guidelines that are provided by the search engines and doing this intentionally can always be considered as unethical.

There are three most frequent things that unethical optimizers tend to do and that are

  • Shadow and ghost pages
  • Submitting the sites to commercial link directories
  • And the most important of all putting in too many keywords in the content.

Instead of doing any good these things can actually make the ranking suffer because the site can be marked as a spamming site and that can harm brand reputation by a considerable degree. As it is already stated that SEO can never guarantee a result and guarantee any search engine result is an unethical practice.

Poorly executed search engine optimization practices can pose a danger for any online business as they attract penalties from the search engines and can affect any business on a long term basis. As a very natural consequence of unethical SEO it is only a matter of time that a website will be completely ignored by the search engines and can even be dropped from the index which will considerably increase the cost by decreasing the ROI of the site.

Any kind of spamdexing that can manipulate search engine results is strictly prohibited by most search engines including Google and Google itself stresses on the factor that there is simply none that can guarantee a number 1 position in Google search engine results. There is never any kind of priority submission in any search engine as it is often claimed by many unethical SEO and it is always better to avoid them. Honest search engine optimization is always the best practice and can profitably push a site up the ladder sooner or later.   

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