How to Send an Email Newsletter the Right Way

  • June 19, 2021
  • Bradley Taylor

There are two forms of email marketing which are practiced today. The most common and accepted version is “solicited email“. This is when you send an email newsletter or offer out to people who have subscribed directly from your website.  The other type of email marketing is “unsolicited email“. This is when a person sends emails to a list of leads they acquired.

The former method is still widely accepted so long as you put a clear unsubscribe button along with your business information somewhere in the footer of the email. It is actually illegal in the United States not to have these items present.

Informed Public

Email marketing can be a very effective way to retain customers and also make new customers as well. But methods change as the population changes. There are more spam phishing emails than ever. And they look very similar to the real thing. So, the general public is getting smarter when it comes to spotting the fakes. One thing they do is mouse-over the links in the email. If it is not a direct link to your site or a url from a trusted email sending company like Mailchimp, they usually won’t dare click it. This is because the consequences can be dire. Getting hacked or identity stolen is a terrible experience.

Like I said, when at all possible try to use your real domain name in your newsletter links. Most people know and trust the top newsletter companies such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact so you should be fine sending from them. Its when they see links that look like this that they worry: htp:/

I sometimes receive offers that I want to click and don’t because of the spammy looking url. Instead, I will simply Google search the company and the offer to see what comes up. Or head directly to the site and see if the offer is available there.


Every bit of attention to detail pays off, especially when you are dealing with thousands of readers. Take the time to create an aesthetically pleasing newsletter which is also easy to navigate. Try not to overdo it. Too much content will get your newsletter bounced or ignored. Have a clear call to action in place. Have no more than two. Place your footer unsubscribe links and company contact information on your newsletter and you are good to go.

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