How to Increase Traffic Using Your Email List

  • September 20, 2021
  • Bradley Taylor

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Email marketing is the most effective way to generate more traffic to your website. This kind of traffic comes from existing leads or customers who opt in your email list to receive emails from you. However, not all shared links in your email will direct customers to email traffic, which can be a struggle for you as a marketer. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you have to integrate your email marketing software with Google Analytics or tag your links manually with UTM tags. This prevents your link from being tagged under direct traffic. Email traffic is useful in informing you which message is engaging to your customers and which is not.

How to Increase Email Traffic

  1.       Regularly prune your email lists

Your content might be great but not relevant to all of your subscribers. To prune your email lists, means to eliminate the most inactive and unengaged users from your email list. Sending emails to un-interested users may increase your bounce rates or your emails being marked as spam or junk by these users. This might risk the reduction of your reputation score by ISP or blocking of your IP, if your scores continue to decrease. To avoid this, make sure that you go through your email list every six months to eliminate subscribers who don’t open your emails. Additionally, you can include an “unsubscribe” button in each of your emails, to reduce your pruning efforts.

  1.       Choose a suitable subject line

When you send your email to a user’s inbox, they first notice the subject line. The subject line has the power to influence the user on whether to open the email or not. While you focus on making your email clickable, consider also your reputation score by ISPs. Use of certain phrases to attract users to your emails such as click now, free, get debt-free, double your income among others, should be avoided. This is because they may or may not be pushed to the spam folder by ISPs. This however doesn’t mean that your subject line should be boring, but rather it should create curiosity in your reader’s mind. You can try a different technique for instance, creating a sense of urgency using your subject lines. Users are more likely to open your emails if they feel they might miss out on something important, for example discounts offered for a limited time.

  1.       Segment your leads into groups

Not all of your subscribers have similar interests and likes. You therefore need to group them based on their similarities and differences. By sending them relevant content in regard to their needs, they are able to make a decision on whether to purchase or not. You can segment your audience in relation to;

  •         Geographical Location
  •         Demographics
  •         Email Interaction
  •         Buyer Persona

Once you have segmented your engaged users into groups, you can create lead nurturing campaigns per segment. Lead nurturing entails sending automated and relevant emails to engaged users with a goal of influencing them to take an action. Once you build one lead nurturing campaign, create another one. In turn, you are able to place future leads into different nurturing campaigns according to their needs.

An increase to your email traffic means your audience is highly engaged. Highly engaged users are likely to buy from you, hence generating more sales. Aside from any other social media, emails are one of the valuable assets that you own. You should therefore strive to provide value to your users to be able to generate traffic.

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