Guide to Backlinks in Modern Search Engine Optimization

  • November 26, 2012
  • Bradley Taylor

connecting the dots of web search marketingThe term ‘backlinks’ is certainly one of the most used terms in the world of Search Engine Optimization and is also one of the most important. In modern search engine optimization they are truly a vital factor and are considered as the primary building blocks of any good optimization process.

In simple terms backlinks are links that divert traffic to any particular website. They are also often referred as inbound links and their number considered by the search engine as an indication of popularity for any particular website. For some of the most popular search engines including Google backlinks are especially important and sites with more quality backlinks can always expect for better search engine rankings.

But number is not the all important factor and the quality of the links also matter a lot. Inbound links from related sites are considered more relevant and higher the number of relevant inbound links the better is the quality. Websites that use natural link building strategies are always more preferred by the search engines. With external and irrelevant links it is really difficult to influence a search engine and that is because search engines like Google take special care for quality backlinks while developing their search engine algorithms.

Apart from improving a sites position in search engine result pages for most visitors quality backlinks can redirect traffic to any particular website by their own and a great network of quality backlinks can made traffic flow to any website from every possible direction. In recent times reciprocal links have attracted a lot of discussion about their effectiveness. They are the backlinks that are gained through link interchange and are often irrelevant. This kind of back links or reciprocal links are often ignored by the search engines and they simply play no part in determining the search engine ranking in any particular site.

There are times when webmasters have more than one related or unrelated websites under them but interlinking related sites from the same the same IP can actually damage any online presence for the search engines will suspect something fishy and might ignore those links completely leaving a negative impact on the ranking. Interlinking sites are not at all helpful most of the time and it is only naturally generated quality backlinks that can make a difference to the total Search Engine Optimization process. One is also required to keep track of all his backlinks and by finding out the backlinks that are actually redirecting traffic and he can get rid of the irrelevant and non-functional backlinks.

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