Fresh Content a Must for Proper SEO

  • March 28, 2014
  • Bradley Taylor

The word Content on a cork notice boardIf you have spent any time researching the necessary elements to ensure the best search engine optimization (SEO) for your webpage, you have read that fresh content is paramount. As you read this you might be wondering what qualifies as “fresh” content and how often does a site with mostly static information need to update its content. Let’s take a look at how fresh content affects search engine result ratings and how you can keep your site performing at its best.

It has been true for quite sometime that a webpage needs to be routinely updated to remain relevant for the bigger search engines. Google has been and still remains the frontrunner in developing new algorithms to find the most relevant search results and with its most recent overhaul last year named Hummingbird, it is even more so. Search engines are looking for the most pertinent, highest quality content to present to their users. These search engines rank sites that are updated regularly higher over those that have remain unchanged. They do this because a site that is routinely updated is more likely to contain useful information over one that contains older content.

There are a number of ways to supply your webpage with updated content to optimize your search engine rankings. One of the more popular routes to take is incorporating a blog onto your site. By adding a new article weekly, you can keep your site fresh in the eyes of search engines. Updated content is not the only good reason to add a blog to your site. By adding and maintaing a blog, you may also see your web traffic increase as users will continuously return to your site to check out the new information and latest news. This additional traffic can also help to bump your site up in search engine rankings so keeping a blog will help in two ways!

While keeping your webpage fresh is important to its SEO, it is only one of the necessary elements to keeping up your site’s search engine ranking. There are hundreds of signals that search engines take into consideration when determining a website’s ranking. As always quality content, backlinks, social media presence, and coding all play a role in reaching your site’s highest level of SEO.

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