Free Web Tools Help you Figure Out Your True Web Position

  • May 10, 2014
  • Bradley Taylor

Your computer is always interacting with the web and the way you search. Cookies are left in your browser.  Ip addresses are stored at websites. Many factors contribute to the way your computer/mobile device serves data. For these reasons the results you see on a search engines may not be the results that everyone else sees.

Web position checker
Shown Here: client Sunstate Pest on the free position checker. Click to enlarge.

Let me explain: If you own a site and you are constantly searching Google to see where you come up, you are probably not seeing the results the same as other people see them. The reasons are many and may vary. You could be logged into Google itself and they can skew results based on your previous searches.

Whatever the reason, this problem is resolved by using a third party results checker. This tool will check your position from a location outside of your area.  There are free tools for pretty much anything you want to get accomplished on the web. Don’t know your IP address? Use the ip address checker.

At Olympus Web we have a list of free helpful tools that you can use to reach your search web related goals.

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