Finally: Google overhauling search engine

  • March 16, 2012
  • Bradley Taylor

Google search is getting quite the facelift: Google is in the middle of one of the biggest overhauls to its search engine in years, trying to fight off growing competition from Microsoft’s Bing, Apple’s Siri, Facebook, and others by incorporating more real-life language concepts, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Changes at Google
Changes at Google

The changes will be implemented over the next few months and could change search-result rankings for millions of websites, but also provide Google with more opportunities for advertising and increase the time users spend on Google-owned pages.

Driving much of this change is Google’s 2010 purchase of startup Metaweb Technologies, which organizes information by “entities”—that is people, places, and things—instead of just words and websites, which can be more ambiguous. Under the new algorithm, searching for a geographical body could bring up a whole range of data about that place, in addition to the usual related websites from, say, the local chamber of commerce or Wikipedia. The function also should be able to answer specific questions more precisely.

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Our 2 cents

At Olympusweb, we are not sure this is a good idea. They do so well with the quick search format and to mess with it would be similar to when Coke laumnched “New Coke” in the 80’s.  Google trying to be more like Bing or Yahoo is very ironic in our opinion.

I wouldn’t doubt if that they add an option for a simple search page for all visitors and if they switch it to a more wordy page, they switch it right back after people complain and go other places.

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