Do I Still Need a Website if My Social Media Page is Successful?

  • October 14, 2020
  • Bradley Taylor

graphic depicting social media

It’s 2020 and almost every business has a social media presence of some sort. Some businesses might do only Facebook & Twitter. Many others are very dependent on a visual representation of their product to get the message across and therefore will use Instagram or TikTok. The fact is that almost 40% of customers follow their favorite companies on social media. So, does having a good social media presence mean that you don’t need a website? The answer is NO and here is why:

  1. Search engines often don’t show social media results for businesses when searched by a general search term. They will almost always show review sites of that product as well as top ranking sites offering that product.
  2. Customize the exact experience you want a customer to have. When you visit a company’s social media page you are seeing their pics and text but in the skin of whatever social media platform you are on.  A website can make a much better first impression of your product.
  3. You can make a sale right from your website. You cannot purchase products from someone’s Twitter or Facebook. You need to do so from a website. Having your won website with custom shopping cart is both convienent and affordable.

The bottom line is online shopping is still growing. In 2019 alone, online retail sales grew 14.9% over the previous year. If you are not offering something for sale online you may be missing the boat. And although social media is a great way to communicate and stay in touch with clients or potential clients, the sale is made from your site.

Building a decent website for a small business will cost you about $1500 – $4500 all-in ( website design pricing click here). Keeping the site live is only $100-$200 a year after that. If you update your own text and pics you can save money. A few hundred bucks per year is worth making a good impression on potential clients. It’s a low risk – high reward investment.

We think having a website to go alongside your social media marketing is very important. We believe the same for the reverse. Having a great website is not enough. You should have at least a few good social media accounts to go with it and link them to one another.

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