ChatGPT Isn’t Taking Content Writer’s Jobs – Not Yet at Least

  • June 03, 2023
  • Bradley Taylor

ChatGPT replace me?

A Washington Post article was published yesterday which was written to convey how people’s jobs are in peril because of artificial intelligence programs like chat GPT. It gave an example of a 25-year-old woman working as a content writer for a tech startup who claimed that she was fired because ChatGPT took her place.  Right away my BS whistles were going off. Anyone in the tech industry understands that you cannot replace actual human written content with AI content. At least not yet.

But, you can rest assured that Google and other search engines are already utilizing AI detectors to rank websites or at the very least will be in the very near future. Any tech employee worth their salt knows this.

“Whenever people brought up ChatGPT, I felt insecure and anxious that it would replace me,” she said. “Now I actually had proof that it was true, that those anxieties were warranted and now I was actually out of a job because of AI.”

After reading the article I realized she actually didn’t have any proof. She only made assumptions. People in her company were using AI programs and she was let go. It would be tempting to connect those dots. However, as I mentioned earlier, AI content is not as good as human content and detectors can easily tell the difference. There are no short cuts. Even if you are able to trick Google now you will not be able to for very long.

Here are two AI detection companies. One is free and the other charges a very small fee to detect AI created content and/or plagiarism. (small fee)

Copy Leaks (free)

What Does Google Say?

“Spammy automatically generated (or “auto-generated”) content is content that’s been generated programmatically without producing anything original or adding sufficient value; instead, it’s been generated for the primary purpose of manipulating search rankings and not helping users.”

You can find their page on this topic here


I cannot stress this enough: do not use AI generated content on your website. If you value all of the work that you have put into your website then don’t jeopardize your efforts by trying to use a shortcut.

If your boss insists that you use AI generated content for your company website, please feel free to send them this article.

And if you work for a tech company that thinks AI content should be posted to its website.. RUN! You are better off not working there.

It may happen once day, AI able to write as well or even better than a human. But, the content AI produces is still a little too “robot-ish”. That last sentence I just wrote, as an example, AI would never have written that. It cannot coin terms or create them on the fly.

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My Qualifications: I have managed a website design, SEO & content creation company for 20 years. I have written thousands of articles, read all of the trade journals and have experimented with AI and detection software since they first burst onto the scene. I have also busted content writers using AI and turning it in as their own work. Content creation and placement is what I do.


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