Best Social Media Platforms to Market Your Business

  • March 10, 2021
  • Bradley Taylor

Best social media for my small business

Its 2021 and the web marketing landscape is a big as it ever was. There are a dozen top social media platforms and literally hundreds of others all vying to break into the big leagues.

In this article we will:

  • Show statistics relating to social media platforms
  • Explain our experiences with different platforms
  • Give our own advice regarding the matter

When it comes to marketing your business on a social media platform you have to think about several factors.

  1. How many people can I reach
  2. Are they the right people for my product
  3. Is it cost effective, ie., does it make sense

The chart below shows the total number of registered users for each platform. Facebook is king and Youtube is not very far behind.
Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2021, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Our Experience

The Good

In our experience Facebook is by far the most effective way to share your business. It hits every demographic, it has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily boost your post for relatively little money.

Making videos for YouTube is a great way to get traffic or inform the public about your product too. However, it does not have the boost feature and you are at the mercy of Youtube’s algorithms. The overwhelming vast majority of videos on YT don’t get many views at all.

The Bad

Instagram is a great way to flesh out your product or design. It adds another visual element to what you are trying to sell. But the amount of business that Instagram actually generates for its users is relatively low. There are some niche products that do really well on Instagram and you can boost your post if you like. But that feature is cumbersome and the results are typically lackluster.

The Ugly

If Facebook is the beautiful lush rainforest of social media marketing then Twitter is a desolate arid desert. Twitter is the troll capital of the world. People are flocking away from Twitter because of its overall hostility from masked users, strict policies and overall uselessness. Their official stats show user growth every month but it should be noted that they count everyone who has ever registered as a user, not actual active users. Also, there are individuals who literally have dozens of accounts so that they can engage in trolling, which artificially pumps up the user numbers.

We have gotten away from using Twitter for ourselves as well for many of our clients. We have found it to be a massive waste of time and resource.


There are many ways to market your business. One platform may work great for one user and not so great for another. If you use a social media platform a great deal and understand how it works, then you should try plugging your business on it. The article above is just our own personal experience and opinion.

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