20% of All Website Still Don’t Have an SSL Certificate

  • April 02, 2021
  • Bradley Taylor

SSL stats and usage

A Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is a feature added to a website which secures the connection between the web browser and the website. An SSL Certificate is added to the website to show users that the connection is secure. The entire purpose of this invention is to prevent third party entities from intercepting the connection and stealing data, and in the case of a financial transaction it, prevent them from stealing money.

The little green lock pad icon which appears to the very left side of the website address in your browser is to let you know that you have a secure connection.

Two years ago we published an article called SSL Certificate is a Must for Your Site Immediately. We published this after Google notified all webmasters that they would punish any site which didn’t have an SSL by a certain date. They would either drop them in the rankings or remove them from their directory altogether.

As a result, websites who had not yet installed their SSL certificate scrambled to get one. According to a study by the University of Michigan, SSL secured websites have jumped from 40% to 80% in the last several years.

Still here we are in April of 2021 and sometimes I will find myself on a site without an SSL cert. I want to reach out to them all and say FIX YOUR SITE! YOU ARE BLACKBALLED BY GOOGLE! But I don’t do that anymore. I have done that in the past and every one of the website contacts ignored me. Its a lost cause, much like their website is.

If you are reading this and do not have an SSL on your website, cancel your plans for the next 30 minutes and have one installed. It is very much worth it.

  1. Contact your webmaster and tell them you need an SSL installed right away.
  2. If you manage your own website, you can purchase and install one yourself from your hosting company (average SSL cost $89).
  3. If you are not very good at web programming, you can probably hire one of their reps to do it (average cost $79 for labor + cost of SSL).
  4. Hire a web developer. We would charge 1 hour of billing ($120) to work on this for you.

– Brad

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