What is SEO?

  • April 08, 2015
  • Bradley Taylor

Search Browse Find Internet Search Engine ConceptAre you new to the business world? Just getting your website up and running? Not very computer savvy? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, I bet you’ve never heard of SEO. Let’s break it down.

The S is SEO refers to “search”. Everyone should know if they are online looking for something, a subject has to be entered into the “search query box”. This will tell your computer which subject you are looking for. You need to specify what to look for otherwise you’ll just be sitting staring at a screen with no direction. So, if you need to look up “sneakers”, you will enter the word “sneaker in the search query line. Now you’ll be directed to all kinds of websites that have anything to do with sneakers.

The E in SEO stands for “engine”. The engine is the means to power your search. Google is a search engine. So are Bing and Yahoo. Bringing up their main page will provide you with that search query box where you will enter the word of whatever you are looking for.

The O in SEO stands for “optimization”. This is the key word in SEO; Search Engine OPTIMIZATION. This is what will direct you to the most appropriate websites based on the word you have entered in the search query box. Optimization is used by many websites to list their website on the search engine. The designers of the website will consider any possible word or word combination that a potential customer might use to make their site match those words or phrase. The idea is to be on the top of the website list following a search. After all, we know that we aren’t going to spend all day looking through the tens of thousands of websites that pop up following a search. For example, in typing “Melbourne, FL” into the search query box on Bing, I came up with 9,550,00 results. Am I going to look through them all? Not a chance. I don’t have that much time or interest. I want to go to exactly what I was looking for. Website designers know this and will optimize their site to bring you to it.

This is a basic breakdown of SEO. If you are shopping or looking to research something online this should help you pinpoint your subject more accurately. If you are new in business and just getting started online, remember SEO to help bring your customers to you.