Using Content to Improve Ranking

  • May 11, 2018
  • Bradley Taylor

The basic theory to using content for search engine optimization is that while writing unique and relevant articles for your blog or back pages, you not only provide information to inquisitive readers, but you also give search engines more of your keywords to latch onto.

Writing informative content about your subject matter will automatically fill your site with your coveted keywords for a search engine to gobble up. If you sell fidget spinners for instance, you will be including the word fidget spinner in your content repeatedly whether you want to or not. It is impossible to write an article about your product and not include the main focus word. But you will also be including qualifying words, ie, words that usually go hand in hand with your product.

Using the example above, fidget spinners, you will also include words like kids toy, buy online, trend, gift, and whatever other words go coincide with people searching for the fidget spinner. These are called qualifying words.

It is also a good idea to have outbound links in your article that reinforces this information. Those links can be linked to more resource pages, blogs on the same topic or references as to where you gleaned your stats or facts about the topic.

The search engine uses a spider to constantly crawl your site and update its ranking of your site. It is important that the article not appear spammy to the search engine crawler. It is also important that you avoid copying and pasting information as much as possible. You can still add the information that you borrowed from another site, but just write it in your own words and reword it some.

When it comes to search engine optimization you always want to get the site cleaned up and loading fast first. Make sure you have a mobile friendly (responsive) site or a mobile version of the site. Then you can concentrate on inbound linking and content building. Many professional companies hire a professional SEO company to add and manage the content. This way they are not left guessing what to do and are not wasting valuable time and space on their website.

No matter what your website is selling, it is a good idea to have plenty of relevant and unique content. This helps you attract visitors. And ultimately what good is a website if it doesn’t attract visitors?