US military chooses Android for their smartphone and tablet needs

  • February 06, 2012
  • Bradley Taylor

Android seems to be the new operating system of choice when it comes to the US government and military.
Previously, the government and military relied off of more antiquated phones.Being that technology continues to improve, devices get even smaller, and stronger materials such as Gorilla Glass are on the market, one can create a far more powerful and durable smartphone.

image of U.S soldier

Via CNN:

Some U.S. officials this year are expected to get smartphones capable of handling classified government documents over cellular networks, according to people involved in the project. The phones will run a modified version of Google’s Android software, which is being developed as part of an initiative that spans multiple federal agencies and government contractors, these people said.

The smartphones are first being deployed to U.S. soldiers, people familiar with the project said. Later, federal agencies are expected to get phones for sending and receiving government cables while away from their offices, sources said. Eventually, local governments and corporations could give workers phones with similar software.
The Army has been testing touch screen devices for about two years now. Last year, they sent 40 phones to forces overseas. They plan to change that this year by shipping out 50 phones and 75 tablets overseas to troops just in March.

Currently, the United States doesn’t allow government workers or soldiers to use smart phones for sending classified messages because the devices have not met security certifications.

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