Tips to Bring Your Site Back to Life

  • March 05, 2020
  • Bradley Taylor

Many people and businesses will build a website then think that their work is done. If your goal is to get new and repeat customers then you must stay active with your website.

Google spiders your website daily. If it sees the same exact site every day then it has no choice but to either keep you ranked where you are or even put other sites that are more active above you.

You must keep your website “living” or Google will treat it like its “dead”. That is a cold hard fact. In this article I have put together some tips that will keep your site updated and consequently help you move up the search engine rankings.

  1. Blog – The most important thing a website can have is some sort of blog. This can be a section where you simply jot down your very own industry tips or experiences that can be helpful to the reader. The more the merrier but I recommend at least one per week.
  2. Current Projects Page – This may not be for everyone. If you are in healthcare or law you may not want to broadcast who your clients are or what you are working on. But, many businesses are able to share this type of information. Be proud of whom you are working with and let everyone know by creating a page that displays your projects weekly or monthly.
  3. Home Page Tips – You can place a little tip on your homepage and change it daily or weekly. It will literally take up five minutes of your time but pay off exponentially.
  4. Images – Add new images to your site. Weather it be the homepage header or somewhere in the body, new fresh images help the visitor learn more, the repeat visitor to feel refreshed and the Google bots to see that you are active. You can use a slider if you prefer. Very important: make sure to fill out your alt tags and descriptions for each image. These are essential to be rewarded by the search engine.