The New Hummingbird SEO Strategy from Google

  • November 17, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

Google Hummingbird logoHummingbird is the new search platform that Google has developed in September 2013 that has changed the way that Google picks up on keywords and other SEO throughout websites. It was named this because it is precise and very fast, much like a hummingbird. It is designed to focus on more of the meaning in the words, rather than just the words themselves. This provides users with a more focused search, rather than just finding random words throughout the text on websites.

How Does It Work?

Since Hummingbird is paying more attention to the backgrounds of each of the words throughout the content, it ensures that the query placed in the box is actually what results you’re going to get when you hit the Search button. The whole sentence or meaning is what is going to come up for you, rather than a bunch of random websites that might mention the word on them. This is all taken into account through this much smarter way of searching on the web.

This entire search platform is meant to make the search experience for the searcher more meaningful, helpful and less annoying. Not only that, but the pages that pop up for the searcher are going to be more in depth and actually on the specific meaning or conversation that the person is looking to find – rather than one random page like Google once would bring up when doing a search.

Hummingbird has been working well for many years now, but they’re currently working on making the search engine even smarter.

Why Hummingbird for Search Engines?

Google’s Hummingbird is meant to provide more meaning, a higher technology and also a smarter experience to the searches that are done on their platform. Knowledge Graph Facts is an extra addition that is being made on the search engine, which is changing the way that searches are able to be picked up. It provides a smarter way to search because it is able to read exactly what the searcher wants from the search that they run.

If you’re a website owner, then it might be in the best interest to consider having a professional go through the website to ensure that it is completely SEO friendly for the search engine to pick up on. With many marketing and SEO specialists within Brevard County, you can find the professional that can help you be found within the busy website marketplace.