Test Your Contact Form Regularly

  • May 03, 2019
  • Bradley Taylor

contact form monitoringCan you imagine how disappointed you would feel if you found out that you had less sales this year because your contact form wasn’t working properly? Hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars of revenue because of a failure of your website to function properly.

Well, it happens. The reasons it happens can vary but in today’s web world, the most likely reason is that the contact form plug-in changed and broke the coding. The changes happen when the plug-ins are updated. Recently, there was a big mess when the people who manage the Contact Form 7 plug-in released an updated version that broke the functionality on many websites.

Days, weeks or even months can go by before you realize your contact form is busted. The fact is that most people will only try to contact you once, then if they don’t hear form you they will move on to your competitor.


The best way to prevent this from happening is to simply send yourself a test contact form submit every week or two. If you are a forgetful person or find this to be too much of a chore, you can hire a company to monitor this. My company, Olympus Web, offers this service for free for any clients that take part in the SEO program we offer.

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