Targeting your customers using SEO

  • February 20, 2015
  • Bradley Taylor

SEO with puzzle and world map, search engine optimization, flatThere are millions of people on the internet every minute of every day. Each one of these people could potentially be your customer. Do you know how to ensure you attract the right individuals that will become customers? By effectively using SEO you can do just that.

Let’s say you live in Melbourne, Florida. You are searching for the best value on a new refrigerator. When you pull up your search engine; Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other, you will most likely type “refrigerator” into the search box. Since refrigerators are listed on your website, that customer stands a good chance at seeing your website on the list of sites recommended by the search engine. You need to put the appropriate text on your site to draw a customer to you. The customer is not going to type in “food cooling apparatuses” so don’t stretch out the description of what you are offering. This is called “keyword stuffing” and went out of practice a long time ago. Doing that will only frustrate someone and they will move on to another website that is more concise. Keep the title of your business relevant to your product. Titling your website “Melbourne’s best coffee” may sound like a good idea, but if using that brings a potential customer to a bed and breakfast website, it isn’t going to help you out at all.

SEO is constantly changing. You will need to keep up with these technologies to stay ahead of the game. When you type “refrigerators” into your search box, what do you see first? Is your business listed in the top 5 sites? Do you wonder how those other 5 got up there? They are keeping up on search engine technology and adapting their website to it. The websites with the most activity and experience are going to be listed first. It wasn’t that long ago that social media came into play. Of course, businesses figured out that they could reach all kinds of potential customers by advertising on social media. SEO has been refined to include the methods of incorporating social media. Another great way to bring customers to you is to have links from other websites to yours. Sometimes that is as easy as adding their links to yours and asking them to do the same for you.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there on the World Wide Web. To keep potential customers coming to your website, you are going to have to stay on top of the current SEO technology and update your web content as appropriate. Attract the people who will become customers and not move on.