SEO. What Exactly is it?

  • May 11, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

Google screenshotYou finally have your web operational. How do you plan to ensure you are reaching your target audience? You want to reach the customer who is searching for your business, merchandise or service.  It is imperative to your business’ survival for your potential customers to locate your web site.

In this high tech age we are in, most customers are going to come to your web site via a search engine.  You want to make the most of the customer’s efforts to find you. So many search engines direct a customer to a multitude of variations of what they are actually looking for that it can be confusing to them. Subjects such as keywords and content entered into a search engine might not direct a potential customer to your web site. Search engines are constantly changing the way information determines search results. Staying on top of this is what SEO does. To optimize your web site for your target audience, you might have to edit its content. This might involve HTML and other associated coding to enhance the keyword relevance in directing your target audience to you. You can also promote a site to increase the number of inbound links or backlinks. This is another way SEO can assist your web site.

Several key elements in utilizing SEO to ensure you attract your target customer are:

  • Making sure your location is mentioned in the text within your website and it’s perfectly clear where you are located.
  • Allow for a variety of different keywords and phrases. Not everyone uses the same terms when searching. Make sure the text you put on your website covers all possibilities.
  • Emphasis your products or service. Be specific about what service or product you are offering in the content on your site. This will ensure the appropriate customer finds you.
  • Users who are experienced at searching and users who know exactly what they are looking for might not want to click on several links or pages on your website. They want to immediately find what they are looking for, see the cost and purchase it. Research shows that many users will leave a site if they find it confusing.

These tips on how to target the correct audience using various search engines should enable you to see an increase, both in the amount of referrals you receive and the number of actual customers versus the browsing ones.