Now is the Perfect Time to Work on Your SEO

  • March 24, 2020
  • Bradley Taylor

Many people have found themselves stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine. This goes for small business owners too. Regular business has slowed for almost every sector. Some business owners feel frustrated that they cannot be productive. But there is good news: you don’t have to watch Netflix all day. You can be productive right now!

It is the perfect time to work on your website. You can be doing the following:

  1. Writing content for your blog or backpages. – Every website needs fresh content. It is imperative to rank in Google.
  2. Inbound linking – Find blogs in your industry and leave a comment that allows you to link to your site. Inbound linking is key to good page ranking. Try doing 3-5 a day.
  3. Clean up your server – Get rid of any old filed or junk that is live on your server.
  4. Optimize meta keywords – Fill out all of the meta tag descriptions if you use WordPress.
  5. Work on your site loading speed – Make sure your site load fast. There are steps you can take to make sure your site loads as quickly as possible.
  6. Don’t obsess on coronavirus or quarantine – When addressing your readers in a blog or social media post, it is fine to acknowledge the virus and the quarantine, but don’t overdo it. Instead talk about your products, plans and industry. Now is the time when people will be collecting information to act on when the quarantine is over.

You can work on your site every day, say 1 hour per day for the entire duration of the quarantine. You will notice the results within a few months and be glad you did this.

We hope this information helps you put some of that pent-up energy into a constructive place. We are all in this together.