New Client Website Launch

  • February 12, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

lyhIt has been our very own pleasure to work with the folks at Lynchburg Machining. They are a machining company and machine shop in Lynchburg, Virginia United States.  Their web URL is

The customer required a website redesign which incorporated the style and feel of a modern website that featured easy to use navigation and rich, fast loading images.  The site also had to be responsive. In other words, it shrinks and grows automatically to fit the size of the browser on various mobile devices.

You probably have noticed how websites have a much bigger, spread out feel to them in recent years. This is because of the mobile device boom. It is estimated that up to 60% of all website views are made using a mobile device. That number is expected to grow.

The final touches of building a site like this happens on the back end. Any server errors or dead pages must be removed.  The keywords that the client values most are placed within the tags on each and every page. Finally, a site map must be created and submitted to Google. This includes both a text site map (for spiders) and a human visitor site map.

Also, there is space and framework in the site that leaves open the possibility for a blog or journal add-on. Adding a blog or information page to your site helps you achieve higher rank on search engines for your particular business.