New Apps that make life easier

  • November 07, 2015
  • Bradley Taylor

from contributing editor Stephanie H.

person on their smartphoneTheres an App for that! Its something that is very true in todays world. You can find Apps for recipes, music, games, stores, dictionaries, health matters and more. The list seems like there is no end. If you need to know something, you can find an App for that.

This led me to search for Apps that had to do with my last trip to Florida. Not being from the area I needed to find out certain information that would make my trip go smoothly. I started by purchasing my airline tickets on the airline App. I researched them, bought them and checked-in all on the App. Next, I looked for a hotel room. Now you can use a hotels individual App or one of those travel Apps. I went with the travel App. Need a rental car? Yes, they have Apps as well. Okay, now Ive got the essentials done with and Ive made my way to Orlando, what now?

Of course, the attractions in Florida all have Apps.; Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Daytona Beach, The Kennedy Space Center and all the other wonderful attractions in Florida. When starting out, I checked the weather App to make sure I was appropriately dressed for the day. Then I used my Goggle maps App to route my trip for the day. The destination was the Kennedy Space Center. I now know the most direct route, how long it will take, if there is any construction along the way and what roads are toll roads. Amazing!

Once I arrived at the Space Center, I took the tour and spent time looking at the other exhibits. When it was time to leave, I needed to eat. Not being familiar with all the restaurants, I used my Yelp App. I found the perfect restaurant for my taste. Yelp even helped me find a drugstore nearby so I could find some aloe vera for the sunburn I was getting. On the way back to the hotel I also used Yelp to find a gas station where I would be able to fill up the rental before returning it to the car rental lot.

This is just one example of how Apps can make your life easier. I wouldve spent a lot more time looking up this information or stopping to ask people. Plus, stopping to ask someone may not be in your best interest not knowing what type of person you are dealing with. Apps can save you time, money and keep you safe. Whats not to love?