NetWork Solutions Needs Help

  • November 12, 2011
  • Bradley Taylor

I don’t mean they need help as in they are hiring. I mean that Network Solutions is bad at their jobs.  If you do any type of business with them you probably have figured this out already.  Lately I have been dealing with them for a client that is switching over to my servers and it has been a nightmare. The phone prompts are confusing at best. There are long wait times during non-peak hours. The servers don’t resolve anywhere near as fast as their main competitors.

This is sad because NetSol, as they are called in the field, was one the first real powers online that provided hosting and domain name support. Figuratively speaking they had the tech world by the tail. But they got lost somewhere along the way. And this happened relatively early. As far back as 2002 I remember hearing many complaints about this company and how people were switching in droves to other hosting providers.

If you want my advise stay far away from these guys and you can deal with a company like GoDaddy who is a pleasure to work with and super fast.


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