Inbound Linking Dos and Don’ts

  • April 16, 2018
  • Bradley Taylor

linking to your site from a blog the right way(Before I even get started, if you are wondering about the grammatical correctness of the title, then this link is for you.)

Having links to your website is good for search ranking. The links are especially valuable when they are coming from sites with relevant content. The idea Google had when adding this to the algorithms all those years ago, is that whenever sites link to you it shows that there is something valuable on your site. It is looked at as a reference or source.

If you are a small business, it is hard to get sites to link to you in this way and some sites will even charge you for linking (even though Google discourages this).  One way to build inbound linking is to go to blogs of similar companies and leave a comment. This part can get a little tricky however. When you enter your name as “valued keyword” and link to your site, many blog managers will see that as a spam comment and delete you, even if you leave good relevant comments. Some will approve your comment and you are good to go. But, it is estimated that only 1 out of 5 of these comments gets approved.

But this is still your best bet. Read the article and leave a well thought out comment. You have to use your keyword in the hyperlink otherwise Google will just attribute the hyperlink to your actual name and this will only help if people are actually searching your name and not your business keywords.


Do not leave just your keyword and “nice blog” in the comment form. You will most probably get deleted. Do not leave spam comments like “Hey, this is so and so from so and so company, check us out.” This is another surefire way to not only get deleted by marked as spam.

Do not employ any type of autolink submitter. You will get flagged and blocked by many ip’s. This is perhaps the very worst thing you can do.


A great example of what your comment should look like is :

Name: Search engine optimization Melbourne Fl (if you specify your target area then the blog owner may be more likely to approve it if he or she is another town and are not in direct competition with you.)


Comment: Regarding what you said about link building. I agree with the point you made about reading the actual blog. So many times you can tell when a commenter has actually read the material or not. Cheers, Brad