In Order to Please Google, Forget SEO Tactics All Together

  • September 20, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

googleGoogle is a funny search engine with the way that they pick up names, keywords, and even sentences that are found throughout the many websites online. However, many people focus mainly on the SEO tactics that come from having content. This might not be the case on how you gain attention with Google. You might be focusing on the wrong thing when having your content written and then placed on your website.

How Exactly Can You Please Google, Then?

Forget SEO even exists. Go with a subject and then run with it. That way, the keywords and sentences that are picked up by Google will naturally fit into the content so your content will be enriching, higher quality and more valuable to the reader that visits your website. This is one of the biggest concerns that Google is having. Too many keywords stuffed into non-enticing content articles can cause a problem, since readers will be upset for being taken to that specific website that does not answer their questions.

Having a lot of spam throughout the content is not going to get you the best ranking on Google. This could be anything from keywords to links and anything in between. Clear, concise content is not going to have all of these spam aspects in them. This is why placing links where appropriate throughout the content is key, while also using keywords naturally throughout the content. SEO specialists let website owners know this.

The content is rated through workers in Google that consider whether or not the links and web pages are valid enough to be placed on the first, or even second or third pages of Google. They have to be picked up, assessed and then accepted on the spots that they’re being put on. This is a consideration that everyone has to make prior to having their website put together. Is it good enough for anyone to read and does it provide value to the reader?

Having the perfect mix of content and SEO throughout a website will not only help Google find your website, but actually like to show it. This not only boosts your ratings, but puts you in good standing with the search engine itself. Consider the content that you currently have on your website and then decide on whether or not you need to have new content written for it. It might be beneficial to have a website that is ranked well with Google.