How to Add a Hyperlink to an Instagram Post

  • June 15, 2023
  • Bradley Taylor

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It’s been 13 years since Instagram began operations. In the meantime the service has gained hundreds of millions of users. It performed so well that Facebook purchased the company for $1B in 2012.

From day one until now, Instagram has never allowed for hyperlinking in posts.  You can paste a hyperlink in the post but it will not be active. Only the text will be visible and it will not be clickable.  This is probably because IG fancies itself as a platform where photos do the talking and not one in which to share other types of media.

Regardless, you will still see many users (including professional companies) share hyperlinks in their posts.  These type of links have zero chance of being utilized since they are unclickable. And people will definitely not be able to memorize the link and duplicate it in a web browser.

So what is the solution?

Many users already know the answer to the above question.  Instagram allows you to have a hyperlink and your profile. This is a hyperlink which is actually clickable.  A company called Linktree figured out a way to make use of this one allowed hyperlink. Users of Linktree can create Linktree page of their own which features all hyperlinks the user wants people to click.   Instagram users can then post that link in their profile  and simply tell  people in their posts to find their link on their Linktree. It may look something like this: “To find out more about this location click the Linktree hyperlink in our profile.”

It really is a simple solution to a unnecessary problem.

Linktree is free to use. And there is a paid version (Linktree Pro) which removes link trees advertisements from your free page. Linktree claims 35 million companies use their service.

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