Having a Website and Social Media is a Must

  • April 12, 2019
  • Bradley Taylor

If you have a business, having an online presence in the form of a website is a must. Having social media pages for you business, such as Facebook and Twitter, is also essential. But, having one without the other is not a good idea.

We have found that the crossover between social media and the traditional website is a major factor in clients familiarizing themselves with a business. Both social media and a website serve similar functions, but a website really helps flesh out your capabilities and allows you to present the customer with exactly what you want them to see.

Some small business owners are tempted to use social media only. This is because they are on their social media all of the time anyway so it is convenient. But a recent poll of our customers shows that a full 75% of viable business leads still come from search engines pointing to their company website.

If you were thinking about investing ten grand in hiring a marketing company, how would you search for them? You may have run across a post of theirs on Facebook, but what would be your next move? You would be likely to go to the search engine and investigate them further. You will be looking for public reviews about the company and you would go to their website to see if it hits on points that you are looking for. If their website is badly designed or old and outdated, you will likely move on.

My suggestion is put equal effort into social media and website/search marketing. The two have grown into a strong ‘one-two punch’.