Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • September 06, 2016
  • Bradley Taylor

Mobile Phone Internet Browser Vertical TemplateLearning more about the new and upcoming advances through Google when you’re a webmaster can put you at the top of your game when it comes to holding that first page spot on their search engine. The newest technology that the company has come out with is Google AMP. This is a new way that mobile pages throughout the Internet are viewed and ranked through Google. This new technology is going to help many companies provide web pages that can work across all types of mobile devices. With rich content, deep graphics and even video loading faster than ever, it is going to be a boost for the audiences that use the many websites.

So What Makes This Different?

Google AMP is using a series of lightweight web pages that are much easier to load on all types of mobile platforms, and will not make the user wait for the specific content to load. They do have rules and regulations for those that are putting their pages on a mobile platform. They have to conform to these rules in order to use this new type of technology, while providing the users with an easier way to grab the information while on the go.

One difference is that AMPs are completely different from the mobile web pages that you’re normally used to. This is what changes the way that people view the pages and how they work for each of the users.

Who is this new change good for? While it is good for the audience that is going to be using AMP, it is also good for any type of website owner. From news website owners to informational websites, medical websites and even e-commerce website owners, everyone is able to grab the benefits from being able to be a part of this new mobile platform wave.

Why Did Google Create This?

They created it because mobile users want rapid results. In order to get these results, they needed a program or platform that is able to provide them with the right ones. This is where the thought and development of AMP came to play. With this new platform, companies are able to provide users with the quick results that they want from a website.

Does this affect your SEO?

No, those users that put their websites on Google’s new AMP for mobile websites will not get a boost to their SEO and they might not even see changes in the rankings throughout the Google search engine.

Switching to this new platform, though, is going to make your audience a bit happier in the process.